4 Important Commercial Drone Innovations Buying a Drone

Drone technology has improved over the last few years. None are more impressive than the four innovations that we are going to list today. These innovations are instrumental in making sure that drone technology is bound for a brighter future. The Lily Drone The Lily drone offers camera features that fit outdoorsmen and sports enthusiasts. Through a tracking device that follows your movements as you...

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DIY Drones Coming Soon Buying a Drone / News

The majority of people who are interested in getting drones these days would go so far as to spend a thousand dollars on units that come equipped with cameras already mounted on them. The usual uses include shooting videos from the sky for a variety of reasons such as recording weddings. Now though, there could be a new shift in the market to make the...

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Dispelling Drone Misconceptions Part 2 Buying a Drone / News

So, we already talked about the common misconceptions about drones in part 1 of this series. Now, it’s time to go forward and talk about even more misconceptions that even we are guilty of assuming sometimes. These are not at all dangerous misconceptions to be sure, but it’s best if we can clear them up if ever you want to get drones of your own....

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Dispelling Drone Misconceptions Part 1 Buying a Drone / News

Here at Drone Freaks, we strive to bring you the latest news, photos and videos that are drone related for your enjoyment. More than that though, we also want to make sure that people are informed about drones and what they are all about. That said, there are so many misconceptions about drones that we simply can’t allow to stand. So this time, we are...

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Watching The Watchers News

Drones are becoming ever more prevalent in society, with many large companies thinking of incorporating them into their interaction with customers as well as in various other company activities. However, recent developments in drone technology have caused a ripple of concern among many communities. Among these developments is the move by Verizon to team up with NASA to construct cell-tower-based drone monitoring systems viagra avec...

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Drone Mosquito Busters? News / Photos & Videos

Okay, so it’s no secret that a lot of people have a lot of ideas that involve drones. Many of those in the commerce industry want to use drones for delivery of goods and services. Those in the military are obviously using drones for warfare and intelligence gathering. There are even groups who use drones to tape special events or promote certain tourist spots via...

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