Drone Shot Out Of The Air News

We all know that drones are considered with some suspicion by a lot of folks but shooting down drones right out of the sky? That’s going a little too far, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Modesto, California. Back in 2014, Eric Joe, the operator of the hexacopter drone that he made himself said that he thought he would fly the drone one...

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Drones Are The Future Buying a Drone / News

You know those movies that depict the use of drones as something that permeates every single facet of human existence? Yeah, that’s set to be the case some time in the future. Not the far off future either. Companies are already investing in this technology now and they are making huge strides viagra generique achat. Looking at the progression of technology over the last few...

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Drone Safety Act Proposed By Congress Legislation

California is the hub of ever evolving technology today. We all know that much. As long as Silicon Valley keeps attracting brilliant young minds to create inventions that will help make lives easier, this will continue to be the case. Just one of the things that they are making strides in is drone technology. Now though, there seems to be a move towards controlling how...

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Drone Crashes Into Milan Cathedral News

This site is dedicated to providing readers with the best information regarding drones, drone technology, drone use and so on in order to make sure that they make the best decisions regarding drones as possible. On that note, we also want to include certain stories that will act as a cautionary tale for those who think that drones are toys and are to be taken...

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The Future Of Drone Delivery? Buying a Drone / News

One of the most exciting prospects when it comes to drone use is their potential as delivery systems. Companies like Amazon and Google are actually hard at work in trying to make this a reality, though many thought that this was going to be a long way off before it becomes applicable. Or is it? Introducing the Flytrex Sky, a new drone type that is...

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Money-Making Uses For Drones Buying a Drone

So, you got your own drone. You finally got it to fly like you wanted, you have used it for several hours now and you’re fairly confident that you can use it safely. What’s next? How about we try to make money off of it? Now, you might be asking, “Can you really do that?” The answer is yes and these 5 awesome ways to...

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