Enthusiasts Call To End Drone Ban Around Georgia Capitol Legislation / News

Drones have been banned within a five mile radius of Georgia’s Capitol and enthusiasts are calling this an overreach by authorities. The officials, on the other hand, say that the ban is needed and that they are simply following federal guidelines. The ban came from the Georgia Building Authority wherein unmanned aircraft systems are not allowed to go near a parking garage close to the...

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Drone Technology Rapidly Rising Buying a Drone / Legislation

We’ve discussed before how drone technology is rapidly on the rise. Shows like those in NAB and CES portray the potential of drones and how far they have come from the simple flying and crashing variations that were the norm back in the day. However, even if we like to look at the industry and how it is likely to become a multi-billion dollar niche...

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Dutch Use Drones To Direct Traffic News

We have already talked about how drones are beneficial for all kinds of reasons. Yet even now, there are still many restrictions when it comes to drone use in many countries. Some might say that this is only sensible since everything else is being regulated and that would be acceptable. However, if we look at what the Dutch have done recently through the use of...

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No, You Can’t Shoot Drones News

If you were wondering if you can shoot the drones that you feel are threatening your privacy or if someone else can shoot your drone for the same reason, the answer is here. No, you can’t. You remember last time where we talked about how Eric Joe from Modesto, California had his drone shot out of the sky by his neighbour Brett McBay and who...

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Dronecode Members Increasing News

The drone industry has now become a multi-million global enterprise and this is because of companies coming up with newer and newer technologies that help drones perform better and better. Now though, we have organizations like Dronecode that aim to change the playing field and make drone technology and drone use much more accessible and advanced. By being an open source platform, Dronecode is aiming...

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Why The Sudden Explosion Of Drone Use? Buying a Drone

We at Drone Freaks love our drones. These miniature flying machines are by no means new though as RC Helicopters and planes have been around for quite some time. What makes drones awesome though is the number of things you can do with them which makes them a little more serious than toy RC copters. As such, we love how drones are becoming more and...

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