Reward Offered For Irresponsible Drone Owners Legislation / News

In this site, we often talk about how the government tends to overregulate the use of drones, which prevents many advancements from taking place. However, we have also stated numerous times how big of a responsibility it is to own and fly a drone. One case that seems to indicate that people have a long way to go before truly becoming responsible drone owners is...

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UAV-Only Airspace Proposed By Amazon Legislation / News

There have been many developments in the drone scene over the last few years and now Amazon is proposing something that will revolutionize drone use once again. They are basically proposing that a certain segment of the skies will be dedicated purely for use of drones that will be delivering packages so that they pose no threat to privacy, security and safety. The proposal involves...

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First Successful US Delivery Via Drone Legislation / News

The first successful US delivery has finally occurred. This is a huge leap forward for making the delivery of goods, parcels and mail using drones a reality in the country where it is still not technically allowed by law at this point. That may change soon though as a Federal Aviation Authority approved drone was just used to deliver medical supplies to a health clinic...

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Drone Industry Predicted To Be Worth $4.8B By 2021 News

We’ve discussed at length the many potential benefits and uses of drones in this website, so it really isn’t necessary for us to dig any deeper into them this time around. However, this does make the news that the drone industry might reach $4.8 billion by 2021 not as surprising as you would think. After all, what we have is a rapidly growing market wherein...

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3-D Printed Drones Now In Flight News

One of the biggest draws to drones is the fact that they represent freedom to consumers. You can fly using your drone and see the world from that vantage point which is as close as you can get to owning your own aircraft. Now though, you can design your own drones through the use of 3D-Printing technology. You can customize such things as the design...

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Drones Banned In India Legislation / News

This is a piece that doubles as an informative sharing of news and as a warning against those who might think of flying drones in other countries. As it turns out, Drones are banned in India and the same goes for many other countries. One example of how rigorously this banning is imposed is the case of the recent arrest of two real estate employees...

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