Rogue Drones A Huge Problem In U.S. News

As if the drone community isn’t drawing enough flak already, here are people who are desperately trying to give us a bad name le viagra est il en vente libre en pharmacie en france. We have always maintained that owning a drone isn’t the same as owning a remote control car. It’s more like owning a real car in that playing with it can have...

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NASA And Space Drones? Legislation / News

When it comes to the concept of flying drones in space, we really can’t be all that surprised anymore, can we? We’ve seen it in movies and TV too many times to count and it’s made excited every time. Now though, it seems that NASA is actually thinking of doing this by having drones become space prospectors. The Swamp Works lab at the Kennedy Space...

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Making Your Drone Footage Into Movie Gold Buying a Drone / News / Photos & Videos

Sharing the shots you took with your drones, whether it’s an aerial reel that you took over the weekend or the complete coverage of a special event that is very dear to ou is one of the best things to come out of owning a drone. Let’s face it, when you have an amazing flying machine that can take videos of any place from up...

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Are Unmanned Aircraft The Future? News

We all know that drones or UAVs are going to play a huge role in the future. However, just how big of a role is it going to play? Think planes that are going to fly without pilots on board. As Walter Krupnak, an engineer and tech consultant with the Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) who lives in Klamath Falls reminds us,UAVs...

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Coming To Stores Buying a Drone / News

The DJI company, a Chinese manufacturer of drones and is most well known for their Phantom 3 line of drones, is releasing the Phantom 3 Standard Edition. Now, what’s the difference between this edition and the regular version, you ask? The Standard Edition is basically for beginners. Coming to stores at $799, the Phantom 3 Standard package is being marketed to first-time drone pilots and...

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Largest Commercial Drone In The Market Buying a Drone / News

We’re used to thinking about commercial drones as being these small, easily portable things that are barely any bigger than a puppy. This is how a lot of us prefer our drones because it would be troublesome to bring them with us to special places if they were any bigger. Besides, such drones would be a pain to maintain, particularly if you don’t need them...

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