Enthusiasts Call To End Drone Ban Around Georgia Capitol Legislation / News

Drones have been banned within a five mile radius of Georgia’s Capitol and enthusiasts are calling this an overreach by authorities. The officials, on the other hand, say that the ban is needed and that they are simply following federal guidelines. The ban came from the Georgia Building Authority wherein unmanned aircraft systems are not allowed to go near a parking garage close to the...

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Drone Technology Rapidly Rising Buying a Drone / Legislation

We’ve discussed before how drone technology is rapidly on the rise. Shows like those in NAB and CES portray the potential of drones and how far they have come from the simple flying and crashing variations that were the norm back in the day. However, even if we like to look at the industry and how it is likely to become a multi-billion dollar niche...

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Drone Safety Act Proposed By Congress Legislation

California is the hub of ever evolving technology today. We all know that much. As long as Silicon Valley keeps attracting brilliant young minds to create inventions that will help make lives easier, this will continue to be the case. Just one of the things that they are making strides in is drone technology. Now though, there seems to be a move towards controlling how...

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