Drone Racing About To Come True? Legislation / News

When it comes to drone use, you are only limited by your imagination. The potential applications for the technology is endless after all, from warfare to humanitarian goals. In between those however, are the hobbies that pop up using drones with drone racing being one of the more interesting aspects. After all, who doesn’t want to race with drones?

Well, that will apparently be closer to reality thanks to the $1 million investment by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross the Drone Racing League, a startup that, you guessed it, aims to make drone racing an actual thing. At this point, many readers should already be feeling a tingle of excitement like we did.

So, the DRL is actually trying to make drone racing a recognized sport much like how X-Games has started to speak to the masses. The X-Games’ biannual appearance attracts droves of people after all, mostly because it’s a lot of fun. With the growing population of drone enthusiasts, it’s a safe bet that something as awesome as drone racing is going to be a global phenomenon if it becomes an official event.

As it turns out, DRL is actually aiming to make this happen by year’s end which is even more good news to those who can’t wait for something like this come around. To explain why this idea is slated to be a success, co-founder Nick Horbaczewski said that it’s because drone racing combines tradition and technology. There’s the racing aspect which is always going to be a major draw of crowds regardless of what it is, then there’s the matter of the latest technological craze in the form of drones which a lot of folks are always game for.

As for the actual racing concept, the idea is actually pretty simple. Bring your custom drones that are equipped with cameras, wear goggles that reflect the video footage from the camera, and these race remotely.

Naturally, there will be other things that will be added in order to make things more exciting. Think drones flying at almost 70 mph going against obstacles that are likely to cause some crashes. Oh, and the races will also make virtual reality gear something that the mainstream will be able to appreciate immensely.

There are some challenges that will come with the implementation of the sport if it ever becomes a sport though such as the drones being too small for spectators to see. However, this shouldn’t be too difficult with high-speed cameras capturing the race and then showing them on gigantic, hi-def screens.

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