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Sharing the shots you took with your drones, whether it’s an aerial reel that you took over the weekend or the complete coverage of a special event that is very dear to ou is one of the best things to come out of owning a drone. Let’s face it, when you have an amazing flying machine that can take videos of any place from up the air, you are going to want other people to see it.

Unfortunately, unless you’re very good with controlling your drone, you are not likely going to get a lot of shots worth sharing. Granted, you can get better over time, but unless you devote yourself wholly to doing so and forgetting about everything else, you are likely going to need some help. Well, that’s exactly what we are going to tell you about right now.

So, the biggest problem with taking amateur shots with drones is the likelihood that you are going to have at best 2 to 3 minutes of awesome images and a whole lot of not-so-awesome shots. Going through all of that time (especially if your videos tend to go on and on) will eat up a lot of your free hours. As such, you want to hand that job over to the company called DreamitReel.

Now, DreemitReel is a company that specializes in taking the footage that was shot by users and then edits them in a professional capacity so that it becomes the kind of cinematography gem that will make you proud. The New York based company will even throw in a royalty free soundtrack, so SFX will be part of the package.

Some of the projects that the company took on include action footage involving GoPros during a skiing trip and even wedding videos that were compiled via the smartphones of guests.

Naturally, the practice has extended to drones.

DreamitReel CEO and founder Ravid Razak said, “As drones have become more commonplace and more people are using them… we are seeing a huge increase in demand for drone videos,. It’s similar to how folks are using GoPros, in that these devices capture great footage but many users still don’t know how to stitch together their footage into a unique, awesome, streamlined, and shareable story. While raw footage can also be beautiful and tell a story on its own, most people just want to see the highlight reel, or they’ll tune out. We give them that option.”

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