UAV-Only Airspace Proposed By Amazon Legislation / News

There have been many developments in the drone scene over the last few years and now Amazon is proposing something that will revolutionize drone use once again. They are basically proposing that a certain segment of the skies will be dedicated purely for use of drones that will be delivering packages so that they pose no threat to privacy, security and safety.

The proposal involves having a chunk of airspace 200 ft thick, which will be located 200ft to 400ft above the ground, that will be dedicated for use only by drones. These drones will be state of the art, equipped with only the most sophisticated equipment for communication and sensory functions, and able to travel at speeds going as high as 60 knots and above.

100 ft above that slab will also be considered a no-fly zone for conventional planes such as those of commercial airlines or those used in farming purposes so that the risks of collision can be avoided. This essentially limits the dangers that are being attributed to drone use at the moment, both in the air and on the ground.
The company unveiled their plan at the NASA UTM Convention at NASA Ames in California. The plan is one of the more audacious that was put forth that paves the way for a robot metropolis of the future.

Gur Kimchi, vice-president and co-founder of Amazon’s delivery-by-drone project, Prime Air, who addressed the Nasa meeting saying, “The way we guarantee the greatest safety is by requiring that as the level of complexity of the airspace increases, so does the level of sophistication of the vehicle. Under our proposal everybody has to be collaborative – vehicles must be able to talk to each other and avoid each other as the airspace gets denser at low altitudes.”

Right now, there are an estimated 85,000 flights each day involving conventional flight models such as commercial planes, military aircraft and so on. Amazon projects that be the end of the decades, that number will be nothing compared to the number of unmanned drones that will be flying all over the country at low altitudes.
The online merchant company outlines that their new architecture will ensure that there will be a new airspace dedicated for drones. They are basically aiming for a paradigm shift which will involve the absence of human involvement in terms of air traffic control for drones.

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