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We’re used to thinking about commercial drones as being these small, easily portable things that are barely any bigger than a puppy. This is how a lot of us prefer our drones because it would be troublesome to bring them with us to special places if they were any bigger. Besides, such drones would be a pain to maintain, particularly if you don’t need them for anything more complicated than the usual aerial shots. Still, for those who like their drones big (as in, 50 kg take off weight big) the drone from Primoco UAV is going to be something worthy of interest.

What we have here is a unique, civil, unmanned aircraft that comes with a remote control and developed by Primoco UAV SE, a company based in the Czech republic. This drone is going to be sold in the international market soon and it’s got a lot of nifty features that make it superior to most commercial drones at the moment.
For the standard fair, we have its ability fly independently thanks to the pre-programmed flight plans that come with the package. There is also a range os special options that can be used in conjunction with special equipment so that it can carry packages or to give it more functionality during flight.

The drone can be used for several goals, particularly in fields of importance such as agriculture, health care, energy, search and rescue and so on.
Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO and founder of Primoco UAV SE says, “We are able to supply almost unlimited combinations of technologies according to the needs of a customer.”

Now, considering it’s size, you would think that this giant drone would take an inordinate amount of space to take off, but this certainly not the case. Dubbing the UAV as STOL category which stands for Short Takeoff and Landing, the drone that Primoco UAV developed certainly gives you the edge of versatility.

It was also mentioned that the the drone has a maximum take off weight of 50 kg, which is huge by drone standards, but it also has a flight time of 8 hours. It can also fly for 400 km or so and cruise at a 50 – 150 km/hour maximum speed. Because of these features, this is one drone that has a massive edge over everything else in the market.

This isn’t accessible to just anyone though as, to have access to this drone which will be launched on October 2015, you would need to pass a training course provided by the civil aviation authorities.

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