Are Unmanned Aircraft The Future? News

We all know that drones or UAVs are going to play a huge role in the future. However, just how big of a role is it going to play? Think planes that are going to fly without pilots on board.

As Walter Krupnak, an engineer and tech consultant with the Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) who lives in Klamath Falls reminds us,UAVs are not technically called drones, “We call them unmanned air vehicles. These are big, big guys — the predator types.”

Krupnak’s credentials include services in the U.S. Navy and a stint at GE. He even operated a flight school before. These days, he is mostly involved in helping military organizations in becoming familiar with UAV electronic systems.

“I mainly design electronic packages that go into these unmanned aircraft,” Krupnak said.

As for the matter of having the majority of aircraft being unmanned, Krupnak says that “there will always be a need for a manned aircraft. But these types of systems sure take a lot of pressure off the military.”

This is quite understandable as unmanned aerial vehicles are definitely excellent options in terms of minimizing the risks of pilot injuries or deaths while still maintaining the capability of having air superiority.

On top of that, it simply costs a lot less to have UAV fleets instead of manned aircraft since the overhead costs are bound to be lower. UAVs also don’t get fatigued and so this makes them perfect for continuous use, barring technical problems if the machinery is overused.

Aside from that though, there is also the commercial side to consider. Right now, commercial airlines are being piloted exclusively by people and to be perfectly frank, not too many passengers would be thrilled at the prospect of having a machine do the flying for them.

Granted, it could be considered a compromise if it’s a UAV since the plane would still technically be flown by a pilot, the pilot will simply be not in the plane. Rather, the pilot will be in inside the control center, on the ground acheter viagra internet.

On that note, perhaps it is still inevitable that we are heading towards a future wherein the our planes will be flown exclusively by machines, following pre-determined flight paths, much like how many drones are designed now. When such a time comes, it’s likely when people have gotten more used to the idea and would therefore be more comfortable with it.

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