First Successful US Delivery Via Drone Legislation / News

The first successful US delivery has finally occurred. This is a huge leap forward for making the delivery of goods, parcels and mail using drones a reality in the country where it is still not technically allowed by law at this point. That may change soon though as a Federal Aviation Authority approved drone was just used to deliver medical supplies to a health clinic in a rural area of Virginia.

Many are hoping that someday soon, this will be the norm and medical supplies, food and other packages can be delivered via drones in the future. Said package weighed at about 4 kilograms too, so it defied the usual convention of having drones carry only a minimum of 2 lbs, thus allowing for an incredible leap in possibilities.

The drone that made the delivery was a product of an Australian drone company called Flirtey. The whole thing was done with the vigilant eyes of both the FAA as well as NASA and lasted for a little over 3 minutes as the drone flew from Lonesome Pine Airport in Virginia, al the way to the clinic which was located in Wise County Fairgrounds viagra traitement impuissance. As many as 24 medical packages were strapped to the unit, thus showcasing the extent of the usefulness that a drone can have both in civilian life and even in the battlefield when it comes to delivering medical supplies.

This is especially the case in many places in the world which are incredibly difficult to get to by foot and would be expensive to fly over with planes or helicopters. With drones, you don’t need a lot of manpower or time to get the delivery done, and it is simply the most cost-effective way to do things. When dealing with medical emergencies especially, drones can get to the spot where the medical professionals are the fastest, thus making the difference between life and death.

Of course, there is the commercial applications of drone delivering such as what Amazon has been pushing for a couple of years now. Delivering products to the homes of customers from the facilities of these companies in just a matter of minutes can greatly increase profits, particularly if you take out the matter of hiring delivery trucks to do the job or shipping them through postal services.

Unfortunately, drone use is still extremely restricted at the moment, making the matter of delivery via drones on a large scale a dream.

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