Drones Banned In India Legislation / News

This is a piece that doubles as an informative sharing of news and as a warning against those who might think of flying drones in other countries. As it turns out, Drones are banned in India and the same goes for many other countries. One example of how rigorously this banning is imposed is the case of the recent arrest of two real estate employees of a rather well known portal called housing.com due to the two flying a drone. The reason for the drones was to take pictures for the website which is why it was fitted with a camera, but the police were not really amenable to this because of their concerns about privacy.

Supposedly, the act of taking pictures via drones or other devices like it is only permitted upon getting the blessing of the appropriate authorities. In this particular case, the authorities would be the police which are enforcing the banning of drones which officially took effect back in 2014. The problem though is that not too many people are aware of this problem, and so many are prone to breaking it without actually knowing about it. More than that, it would seem that there are still people buying drones since sales have certainly not gone down, so the chances of more violations happening seem to be really high.

What makes it worse is actually that the drones in India are particularly cheap, with some costing as little as $20 and these drones don’t come with warnings with regards to the legal issues when it comes using it in the country. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation is making this ban all-encompassing so that private organizations are just as culpable as individuals when it comes to using them. The ban is in force until drone usage is figured out, though the steps of getting this done is complicated due to the number of agencies involved.

Because civilian drones have become a huge thing all over the world, the industry is bound to grow due to the entertainment concept as well as the affordability of these drones. Practically anyone can get one now, provided they have a modest budget for it. So now, it’s just a matter of the laws of countries catching up to the trend so that people who are interested in flying drones will be able to do so freely without worrying about legal repercussions.

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