Swiss Postal Drone Delivery? News

As drone enthusiasts, we envision a future wherein our hobbies are no longer just mere hobbies and that they become important aspects of society. We look to the future and we see drones doing all kinds of things from delivering the orders we made to delivering the parcels we are sending to others. We even see drones playing essential roles in agriculture and defense. Well now, the Swiss postal service is on the verge of making one of those things a reality.

Recently, they announced that they have begun testing the delivery of parcels using unmanned drones. The program has not gone nationwide yet though, but it is still a promising start for what can be a shining future. It is also expected that the program would be launched on the full scale before five years are up.

Currently, the testing phase is to last until the end of July with the use of white drones that have four propellers as the test subjects. Supposedly, up to a kilogram of payload can be carried by these drones and they are supposed to travel as far as 10 km.

The flight paths that the drones will take are predetermined and made secure thanks to the drone and cloud software company, Matternet.

The Swiss Post is also collaborating with Swiss WorldCargo for the testing of the drones before a nationwide plan is implemented. Authorities are taking several factors into consideration for the tests and analysis so that the use of these drones would be optimal when the time comes.

The targeted areas for the use of these drones are those found in rather remote locations all over Switzerland which would be difficult to reach by land. The Alpine country is a good example of this wherein there are remote villages that would benefit much from the use of drones delivering their parcels. All of this would be done in five years’ time though, and for now, the drones will only be used for specific emergencies in specific areas.

In the US, companies like Amazon are campaigning for the easing of the regulations by the FAA when it comes to drone use. After all, there is a lot of money to be made by these companies if drone delivery was permitted. This is especially the case with Amazon since they announced their 30 minutes or less delivery back in 2013, since it has now been put on hold thanks to the FAA regulations.

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