Drone Use Considerations Part 2 Buying a Drone

We’ve already established that using drones can be a lot of fun, but there are also a few things that new or even veteran drone users should keep in mind before using a drone. You have to remember that these things are not toys, at least the more expensive ones. So you have to be a little more responsible.

Tablet/Mobile Phone Controllers

Okay, so this one depends more on the skills of the pilot than anything, but it is unarguably better to use traditional controllers to fly drones as opposed to using tablets or mobile phones. Actual analog controllers with sticks simply provide better control and perspective as opposed to using touchscreens. There’s also the matter of your phone freezing on you mid-flight and on a collision course with a wall or something. Not only will this put your expensive equipment in danger of being destroyed, you could also harm the property of other people, or worse, other people.


No, you may not fly inside airfields designated for actual, manned aerial vehicles. This means airports, military bases and private property. The FAA has very stringent rules about this and violating it can lead to some pretty nasty consequences. Not only could you lose your drone (which is a huge pain if your drone was particularly expensive, but you might be banned from flying drones altogether. This isn’t just an inconvenience though as there is a reason why these rules exist. You don’t want to cause an accident by getting in the way of planes taking off or landing, and you don’t want to distract air traffic control while they are doing their jobs.

Don’t Take Risks

You know how people say that you should take some risks in life? Well, this does not apply to drones, in any way, in any place. Seriously, don’t even think about gambling with drones. Before getting a drone, before flying a drone or before even looking for one, you have to eliminate as many risks as possible through research and more research. Owning drones is like owning cars after all, even if they do fly and are smaller than cars. They still require a lot of responsibility from their owners. Looking at it that way though, perhaps this is a bit more like owning a dog or having a baby, you just don’t go ahead and do it without thinking about it, right?

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