Mexico Set To Be Drone Capital Of Latin America? Legislation / News

While many other countries are regulating the heck out of drone use, Mexico is one nation that seems to be going crazy on drones. This is most likely due to the fact that regulation of their aerospace and manufacturing are not that strict. There’s also the drone pilot academy which is the start of their attempt to be a global name in the industry.

“We saw a wave of consumers buying drones, but they didn’t know how to operate them,” said Jose Luis Gonzalez, director of Mexico’s Drone Academy and CEO of Unmanned Systems.

This prompted him to open a drone academy in Mexico City. To date, they have 50 drone pilot graduates. This has contributed to the growing popularity of Mexico as a testing ground for drone development.

“Mexico has low production costs and there’s skilled labor that can turn the nation into a key player in the drone industry,” he said. “There’s a big entrepreneurial spirit here.”

Aside from Gonzalez, there is also Unmanned Systems Technology International that is taking advantage of the Mexican market by releasing the MX-1 drone. The MX-1 is touted to be “a proudly Mexican aircraft backed by thousands of hours of conceptualization, design, prototyping and flight tests” the company’s website. Supposedly, the flight time of the MX-1 is up 7 hours and it can reach up to 68 mph.

More than for simple hobbies though, drones are also being used for more important reasons in Mexico such as in the protection of endangered species and even in helping with agriculture viagra a prix discount. There is even a plan to use drones to improve cultivation and fertilization methods.

In terms of crime prevention, drones are also being used to monitor areas that are prone to crimes. They are also being used to help with naval operations and even to monitor oil pipelines owned by the state.

There are a few bad results in terms of drone use though. Apparently, drones are also being used to smuggle drugs across the border. Then there’s the thing with Enrique Iglesias’ fingers getting cut by drones. If anything though, this just proves that like with any commodity, drone use can have issues.

Still, the main thing here is the booming drone market in Mexico, with both government and public enthusiasm reaching an all-time high. There was even a video taken by a drone that was flown over the airport in Mexico City which received great feedback.

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