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For many news outlets, negative developments like tragedies, deaths, calamities, scandals and such are what sells. So when it comes to drones, accidents, mishaps and misuses are of course going to be the more attractive prospects. Well this time, we’ll be focusing on the good side of drones if only to balance things out even just a little by showcasing the good things that drones can be used for.


There have been more and more occasions wherein drones were instrumental in helping to find and rescue people. Recently, two rafters were saved because rescuers used a drone to give the rafters a line when the water was becoming too rough to cross. Even finding stranded people during tropical storms has involved the use of drones and regulating the needs of the victims of the aftermath. Firefighters are also starting to see the real potential of drones to be used as safety precautions when they go inside a burning building to determine whether or not they can safely send in people.


One of the biggest obstacles to completely eliminating poaching is the inability of authorities to be everywhere at once. This is where drones are the most useful then because they provide a larger scope of surveillance without costing a lot of money. Some NGOs are even enlisting the help of UAV companies to help protect endangered species on a long-term basis.


Drones as delivery machines make them incredibly indispensible. Not only are they easy to transport, they can cover miles of landscape that would have been difficult to traverse in order to deliver aid in minutes instead of hours or days. The World Health Organization has even made steps in order to utilize drones in a way that will allow for the more expedient delivery of medicine and medical equipment to remote parts of the world. This effectively helps save thousands of lives because in many of these areas, doctors and medical supplies are on the short side.


Thanks to the recent developments in drone use in agriculture, farmers can now cultivate crop much more effectively with drones. Right now, drones can provide essential information in terms of the layout of the farm. In the future, they can even be used to spray fertilizer or insecticide, thus making the protection and cultivation of crops much cheaper. Self-driving tractors are considered drones too, which makes farm work more efficient.

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