Dutch Use Drones To Direct Traffic News

We have already talked about how drones are beneficial for all kinds of reasons. Yet even now, there are still many restrictions when it comes to drone use in many countries. Some might say that this is only sensible since everything else is being regulated and that would be acceptable. However, if we look at what the Dutch have done recently through the use of drones, it can be a bit disheartening that drones are still receiving flak from even the government.

During an event in Zeeland called the Concert at Sea Festival, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment opted to use three drones in order to direct traffic. This proved necessary since the event drew a massive crowd of people which made directing traffic a bit of a hassle. With the use of three Altura Zenith ATX 8 drones though, the traffic was effectively managed by monitoring a 30 kilometer area. The drones sent and received data through the use of a connection provided by T-Mobile.

The Dutch company OmniworkX which has drone technology as their specialty were the reason for the successful operation during the event. This was because of their effective use of the data that was gathered and analysed regarding the traffic that besieged the event since the festival had over 80,000 people attending. Providing great feedback was the UAS when it came to the highways, which was fortuitous since those were the areas that suffered the most traffic because of the concert. Thanks to the live feed that the traffic enforcers got using the drones, traffic was more easily redirected which immediately alleviated some of the more congested areas.

An employee at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment stated that the contribution of the drones during the event was huge and served to make their jobs a lot easier. Because of the live feed from the drones, authorities were able to divert traffic effectively and prevent unfortunate incidents that might have occurred in real time. This is even more important because some of the roads that were most congested didn’t even have cameras, so monitoring those areas using the drones was really valuable.

Aside from this awesome example of the beneficial potential of drones, Belgian Police have also started using the drones for such things as monitoring traffic, crowd control and even looking for missing people. With such positive experiences with drones becoming the norm, it seems likely that drone use will become a lot more prominent in the future.

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