Drone Technology Rapidly Rising Buying a Drone / Legislation

We’ve discussed before how drone technology is rapidly on the rise. Shows like those in NAB and CES portray the potential of drones and how far they have come from the simple flying and crashing variations that were the norm back in the day. However, even if we like to look at the industry and how it is likely to become a multi-billion dollar niche in just a few years, it really isn’t clear how far drone technology will go. We can always imagine of course, but we might need a few more details than that.

To start with, we can look at how much more accessible drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have becomes as compared to back then when such things were only available to the military, big companies and the very rich. Of course, some drones are still a tad expensive since they feature more advanced technology but that’s just details now.

For the most part, decent drones that offer excellent flight control capabilities and high definition video quality can be bought for just a few hundred dollars. Still, drones that have higher price tags than that are arguably better in terms of how maneuverable they are and how well they can take videos, thus prompting even professional cinematographers to use drones in their projects.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to see drones used in special events like weddings, anniversaries, festivals and the like where their video recording capabilities are used in full force. They offer far more stunning visuals than just regular videographers as well since they take the shots from an aerial view and in a more versatile way as well.

DJI, a Chinese drone company is now at $10 billion value as well.

According to a recent report by Reuters, over 70% of the world’s drone market is controlled by DJI. This basically makes the company a force to reckon with in the industry and makes them the most likely to become the giants in drone technology as Apple, Samsung and others are in smart devices. Many stores selling videography equipment have actually sold thousands of DJI drones over the years in the US, so the brand certainly seems to have a following. This is particularly noticeable when you consider that drone use can also be applied to various fields like farming, construction, search and rescue, and the like.

So with those things in mind, drone technology is looking promising indeed.

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