Dronecode Members Increasing News

The drone industry has now become a multi-million global enterprise and this is because of companies coming up with newer and newer technologies that help drones perform better and better. Now though, we have organizations like Dronecode that aim to change the playing field and make drone technology and drone use much more accessible and advanced.

By being an open source platform, Dronecode is aiming to make the development of UAV technology something that as many people can get behind on as possible ou trouver du vrai viagra. As such, they are gaining an incredible amount of attention both from non-profit and for profit organizations, many of which have decided to join Dronecode so that they can raise their level of advancements even further.

Among the members that have recently joined up include Erle Robotics, Arsov RC Technology, Event 38 Unmanned Systems, Team Black Sheep, Walkera and Parrot. As for the new sponsors, we have Open Source Robotics Foundation, OpenRelief, The Autonomous Systems, Uplift Aeronautics, Control, Team Tiltrotor, and Optimization Laboratory (ASCO) at Johns Hopkins.

Formed back in 2014, Dronecode syncs open source drone projects that already exist using its platform. The platform itself is managed by The Linux Foundation and there are currently 6 initiatives that the foundation overseas. Right now, Dronecode has 28 members and over 1,200 developers are hard at work with the organization’s many projects so that drone projects of both consumer and commercial kinds will be massively improved.

Some of the achievements of the platform include obstacle avoidance, vision processing, and situational and environmental awareness, and these are largely because of their ever increasing popularity. Now, the use of drones is still new and drones still haven’t reached the same level of use as, say, smart devices. However, it’s estimated that by 2020, the drone industry will be worth up to $1.27 billon.

Dronecode is not only interested in the commercial aspect of drone use though as they are also encouraging the use of drones to help with the environment, providing aid, improving agriculture and the various logistic aspects of business and life that could use the help of drones.

According to Amanda McPhearson, CMO at the Linux Foundation, “We’re thrilled to welcome today’s new members and sponsors so soon after forming Dronecode as a neutral, transparent initiative for advancing UVA technology. Their participation affirms the collaborative development model, enabling more parties to provide resources and support to the already vibrant drone community. From improving wildlife protection and search and rescue, to 3-D mapping and precision farming, drones can change our world for both goodwill and economic gains.

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