Drone Shot Out Of The Air News

We all know that drones are considered with some suspicion by a lot of folks but shooting down drones right out of the sky? That’s going a little too far, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Modesto, California.

Back in 2014, Eric Joe, the operator of the hexacopter drone that he made himself said that he thought he would fly the drone one afternoon. After a little over three minutes of flying the drone though, there was a loud bang and the drone was hit by a shot from a 12-gauge.

When the shot rang out, Joe immediately knew that someone had opened fire and upon seeing his drone fall out of the sky, he knew what the target was.

Joe said, “When I went out to go find it, I saw him come out shotgun-in-hand.”

The shooter in question was actually Brett McBay, a neighbor of his parents.

“I asked: ‘Did you shoot that thing?’ He said, ‘Yeah, did we get it?’”

Supposedly, McBay said that the reason he shot the drone down was because he thought that it was being used be the CIA for surveillance. The ensuing discussion was civil enough despite the rather silly (or is it?) reason. When Joe inspected his shot drone, he concluded that it would not be able to fly anymore. As such, he got in touch with the neighbor via email.

This is how their conversation went:

It was nice to meet you and your son. I wish it could have been under different circumstances, but I have to give credit to the McBay school of marksmanship. Still, I’m pretty bummed that I just built this hexacopter only to have it shot down. Also, it was a little disconcerting to know that the spread of the birdshot/buckshot was in my direction. In any case, I had a chance to test the components of the downed hexacopter. Good news is that the more expensive components (on the inside of the frame) are in tact. Stuff on the outside of the frame took the most damage.

Joe included an itemized list of the damaged parts, which rounded up to an even $700.

In response, McBay wrote:

With all do [sic] respect $700 dollars seems excessive. Perhaps in SF it’s normal for folks to have drones hovering over their property but we live in the country for privacy. I will be willing to split the cost with you but next time let us know your testing surveillance equipment in our area. I’ll drop a check of [sic] this afternoon.

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