Drone Safety Act Proposed By Congress Legislation

California is the hub of ever evolving technology today. We all know that much. As long as Silicon Valley keeps attracting brilliant young minds to create inventions that will help make lives easier, this will continue to be the case. Just one of the things that they are making strides in is drone technology.

Now though, there seems to be a move towards controlling how drones are to be used. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California has introduced a bill that puts drone manufacturing at risk of stopping.

The FAA, after Feinstein applied pressure on the agency, released details about 190 drone-related incidents within a period of 9 months. According to the report, unauthorized use of drones occurred within areas where the use of drones is prohibited. These drones basically flew in airspace that were supposed to be restricted and details about 12 near-misses regarding collisions mid-air were included. Suffice it to say, this led to Feinstein introducing the Consumer Drone Safety Act which is basically putting a leash around the necks of manufacturers.

Those who argue against this bill and for the drone industry are concerned about how serious the data that was furnished by the FAA really is. More than that, they also worry about the potential effects such a bill will have on the industry as a whole. Giving the industry the freedom it has now has resulted in so many amazing developments in the technology, but this is not going to be the case of the bill should push though. Brenda Schulman, the head of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems practice law firm Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, state that such regulations will have the potential to snowball into measures that border on the draconian side. Results could include stifled growth and innovation among many.

As for the bill itself, it will include regulations that would force manufacturers to include features such as geo-fencing capability, location indicating GPS, collision-avoidance and anti-tampering which sound good at first. However, when you think about how expensive these features are going to be at this time, it will make manufacturing them even more costly, thus effectively cutting off companies that are just starting out.

Google, Amazon and other companies are currently lobbying against this decision however since they believe that drones can be used in a free and safe manner while also making them accessible to customers.

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