Drone Crashes Into Milan Cathedral News

This site is dedicated to providing readers with the best information regarding drones, drone technology, drone use and so on in order to make sure that they make the best decisions regarding drones as possible. On that note, we also want to include certain stories that will act as a cautionary tale for those who think that drones are toys and are to be taken lightly. As we have said in a previous article, drones are not toys and should be used responsibly, as three South Korean tourists have learned a valuable lesson about when their drone crashed into the Milan Cathedral.

For those of you who may know about the famed building, the Milan Cathedral is a source of pride for the city and is very much treasured by its citizens. This makes the incident in question all the more depressing because not only did it result in the cathedral needing repairs, it also likely set back drone use in the country quite significantly.

The camera-equipped drone was being operated by three South Koreans who were in the city for holiday and, as many of us drone lovers have done ourselves, took aerial photos of the famous attraction. Unfortunately, the men lost control of the drone, which led to it crashing.

This is just one of the many incident related to drone use by tourists occurring all over the world which prompted the aerial devices being banned from coming near some major tourist attractions of incredible historic value. More than that, such incidents also caused panic in some areas because of the prevailing misconception that drones are deadly instruments used by those with ill intent. This is an even more important point therefore when it comes to stressing the responsible use of drones.

While flying their drone over the roof of the fifth largest church in the world, the guards of the Gothic cathedral noticed and immediately notified the police. When the men were found, they were still flying the drone, but not long after, they lost control and the drone crashed into a construction cable on the roof. Luckily, the Statue of Madonnina which was nearby was unharmed.

After the incident, the three men were taken by the police for questioning, though there’s no confirmation if they have been charged or not.

So, there you have it. We hope this has caused readers to make sure that each time they fly a drone, they will practice utmost caution.

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