The Future Of Drone Delivery? Buying a Drone / News

One of the most exciting prospects when it comes to drone use is their potential as delivery systems. Companies like Amazon and Google are actually hard at work in trying to make this a reality, though many thought that this was going to be a long way off before it becomes applicable. Or is it?

Introducing the Flytrex Sky, a new drone type that is made different thanks to the 3G connectivity feature that it was given. This means that for the end users, a quick connection can be made via their smart devices and they can use the drones to deliver stuff right out of the box.

In terms of hardware that is pertinent to delivery, the Flytrex Sky has a loading dock already installed which users can use to place packages of light weight. Users will not need any special tools or process to assemble the drone when it is taken out. It simply needs to be unpacked and it’s good to fly. There is also no need to program the drone, which makes it a great option for beginners and it costs much cheaper than many commercial delivery drones in the market.

Just to emphasize the quality of the drone for making deliveries, the platform that Sky uses called “Collaborative Piloting Technology” is an innovation that allows the drone to be controlled by both the sender and the person who will receive the package as it follows the route. Basically, the sender can set the course for the drone in accordance to his or her plan and the recipient will dictate the route of the drone when it is their turn to take over control. The range is over 7 miles, so that makes delivery over short distances more than possible and the payload weight is 2 lbs.

Being the brainchild of Yariv Bash, the CEO of Flytrex, he reports that at the moment, the drone doesn’t have collision detection capability. However, plans are on the way to add this feature for future versions of the drone as well as existing ones via update through cloud so that it can be flown even over urban areas without much difficulty. Unfortunately, regulations for drones haven’t yet made the purchase of the Flytrex Sky an easy thing, but Bash is confident that things will change soon. When that time comes, the delivery drone will be accessible to friends, family and everyone else.

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