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The majority of people who are interested in getting drones these days would go so far as to spend a thousand dollars on units that come equipped with cameras already mounted on them. The usual uses include shooting videos from the sky for a variety of reasons such as recording weddings. Now though, there could be a new shift in the market to make the matter of buying and building drones something that even you could just do yourself.

Skyworks, a company that manufactures drones is releasing their DIY line of drones for consumers to get and construct their own drones with. The whole thing works by giving you the option to make the drone do pretty much whatever you want, granted that you use the right codes for the job. That is exactly what the COO of Skyworks, Jinger Zeng wants to accomplish with his drones, even having a Kickstarter project called Eedu which has been gaining quite a bit of attention.

The basic idea behind these drones is to make them as easily built, as versatile and as accessible to consumers as possible. Buyers will be able to get them, take them out, assemble them and use them in short order and with minimal tools. The companies 3D Robotics as well as DJI are following the same vein of thought in making versatile drones too, particularly with their intent to include an array of sensors on drones.

Owners of these drones will be able to input their own commands into the drones so that they will do whatever the owners want them to do, at least that is the intent behind the project and it is assumed that the owner will have some rudimentary knowledge when it comes to programming. This makes such drones worlds apart from the ones being sold in the market now which have a set programming and are used for the simplest of purposes.

The drones will also be given more than just a camera and a microphone. They will be equipped with censors that will allow them to detect heat, radiation and such which will be useful for some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

This technology could potentially increase the role of drones in our society wherein we become even more dependent on them than before. Of course, this all depends on whether things work out on the developer’s end.

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