Dispelling Drone Misconceptions Part 2 Buying a Drone / News

So, we already talked about the common misconceptions about drones in part 1 of this series. Now, it’s time to go forward and talk about even more misconceptions that even we are guilty of assuming sometimes. These are not at all dangerous misconceptions to be sure, but it’s best if we can clear them up if ever you want to get drones of your own.

No Threat To Planes

Since drones can fly, one of the biggest concerns that people have is the possibility of them bringing down aeroplanes but no, they can’t. To be more specific, the chances of a drones bringing down a plane, either by distracting the pilots or getting sucked into the turbines is miniscule at best.

Too Quiet To Hear

Another fear that people associate with drones is their ability to be stealthy, particularly when they are a mile or more away. This is no cause for concern for two reasons. One, most commercial drones are INCREDIBLY noisy. Two, most drones would need to be very close in order to actually take any clear shots.

No Human Needed

This harks back to our first part of this series wherein people think that drones don’t need humans to control them. We can assure you, they certainly do. Even the most advanced drones still need a person behind the stick, otherwise, they can’t do anything much.

Not Toys

Some drone models can be used as toys. Most professional drones however, are not toys. They are made up of complicated sensors, computer chips and sensitive engineering. You certainly should NOT let little children play with them by themselves or at all if your drone is particularly complex and expensive.

Jamming Drone Signals

There seems to be this misconception that drones will drop out of the sky when their signals are jammed, but rest assured, this is certainly not the case. Most commercial drones (at least those that have built-in GPS systems in place) actually have fail-safe mechanisms that prevent them crashing to earth when the signal from their users is interrupted.

Comprehensive Delivery System

Amazon and other companies might be setting up a drone delivery system right now, but they are a long way off from practical use. There is the weather to contend with for example, along with distance and weight limit. The plans are underway though, so in a few years, we will hopefully come to a more applicable era for delivery drones.

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