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Drones are becoming ever more prevalent in society, with many large companies thinking of incorporating them into their interaction with customers as well as in various other company activities. However, recent developments in drone technology have caused a ripple of concern among many communities. Among these developments is the move by Verizon to team up with NASA to construct cell-tower-based drone monitoring systems viagra avec paypal.

The move is basically to ensure that the prospect of future skies flooded with drones from companies like Amazon will be a controlled one. No errant drone will go anywhere they should not be to do things they should not do. However, some groups are not particularly enthusiastic about the thought of corporations banding with government bodies to regulate drone activity.

This is why Claud Rallins, CEO of is leading the charge of creating a civilian policing group they dubbed the Unmanned Police Project. UP is based on the “Citizen Watchdog” system wherein drone traffic enforcement in cities is done through crowdsourcing and self-policing.

“The main mission of the [project] is to enforce drone public safety,” Rallins said. “UP will watch the skies above residential and business communities to insure best practices are followed and No Fly Zones are respected.”

In terms of how they will actually do this, Rallins explains

“When a trespassing drone is detected, a fast Unmanned Police mini-drone will pursue-and-position to block its cam view, while taking mug shots, and sending a text alert to the property owner and the local list of “drone citizen police,” he said.

Rallins adds that if the drone refuses to leave, local police will be contacted. The drones can also follow the renegade drone to back to their owners so where their faces can be photographed if able.

“These actions turn the tables to deter future flight violations,” Rallins said.

For the moment, this system is not yet in place since Rallins is still in the process of gathering volunteers and recruiting people to be the citizen police force through global meetups.

The movement isn’t likely to gather government support any time soon either. However, Rallins is hoping to have some level of cooperation with them as time goes on.

“My approach, with UP, simply extends the Citizen Watchdog Group model over the commons and into community airspace,” he said. “We, as citizens, finally have the tools to steward the space we occupy. Increased technology equals increased social responsibility.”

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