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Okay, so it’s no secret that a lot of people have a lot of ideas that involve drones. Many of those in the commerce industry want to use drones for delivery of goods and services. Those in the military are obviously using drones for warfare and intelligence gathering. There are even groups who use drones to tape special events or promote certain tourist spots via aerial shots of beautiful coastlines and blue oceans.

However, who could have imagined to use drones to capture mosquitoes and prevent the outbreak of diseases? The answer to that is Microsoft.

Drone Mosquito Buster

The project that researchers from Microsoft have started includes creating a better trap to capture mosquitoes which they will mount onto drones. The drones themselves will need to be at least semi-autonomous so that they can fly using a pattern and avoid obstacles. Add the “cutting-edge molecular biology and the advanced cloud-based data analysis” to the mix and voila! You have Project Premonition.

What’s Project Premonition, you ask? It’s basically a system being developed meant to be a stopping force against the spread of dangerous diseases by detecting outbreaks before they spread like wildfire. This is then instrumental in avoiding health disasters and consequently save lives.

Does it sound like the stuff you would usually find in fiction movies and novels? Well, rest assured, the team behind the project is very serious in making it a reality.

They are even collaborating with other experts in various fields to make sure that this will become reality. Still, how does it work?

The Gist Of It

Project Premonition involves flying mosquito traps into remote areas via drones semi-autonomously where data is collected and certain predictions can be made. For that to happen though, the biggest challenge is to make the drones semi-autonomous.

Microsoft is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to do this. More than that, the company is also hoping to create what is called “cyber-physical systems”. Think of them as computer systems interacting with the real world, much like how the recent computer consoles interact with users for their games now.

Creating such systems is critical in implementing the best solutions to establishing Project Premonition as well since it could mean the seamless delivery of much needed medical data in real time. On the other hand, this is not easy as one might expect.

There are many factors that have to be considered, according to the company, not just how to code the system. There are also the environmental factors such wildlife, the weather and of course, people.

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