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In the world of drones or just aircrafts in general, one of the biggest issues that people would really like to fix is the matter of endurance. After all, the longer an aircraft – drone or otherwise – can stay in the air, the more uses you get out of it. A British drone company is set to make a great step forward in that regard with their Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Flying Wing.

According to the Press Release by VTOL Technologies Ltd., the Flying wing is capable of autonomous flight that lasts for hours longer than practically any consumer-based drone in the market, and has a range of over 100 kilometers or 62 miles. The Flying Wing is set to be introduced to the general market on 2016, with target industries that fall under the “fixed linear asset owners” group. These include oil and gas companies, as well as utilities companies, agricultural corporations, railway companies and waterway groups.

A spokesperson from the company elaborated on this point, saying, “The challenge for the industry up to now has been the availability of small, lightweight, Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems that have the necessary endurance, maneuverability and safety capabilities to be able to successfully inspect electricity power-lines and gas pipelines over long distances.”

This is what the VTOL Flying Wing is meant to address. With its speed capability that exceeds 65 knots, this quadcopter/fixed-wing hybrid comes equipped with rotors able to shift from horizontal to vertical and vice versa as users need. Such a feature is a key aspect to the three seconds that is required to decelerate from a full cruise to go back to a hover, thus allowing for better control and visual.

In terms of endurance, the company boasts that the Flying Wing can fly up to two and a half times longer than existing UAVs in the industry. This allows for maximum coverage in less than half the time, discounting distance and other factors.

Also included in the package is the “hot-swappable” capability of the Flying Wing in terms of payload, so you can equip it with various cameras and sensors to suit industrial inspection needs viagra qui. The drone is also made of advanced aerofoil, which allows for high lift even at low speeds and reduces drag when going for high speeds. The four rotors with ducted fans are rotatable by 110 degrees as pairs, going from horizontal to vertical with ease. The propulsions units are also controllable individually.

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