Drone Technology To Prevent Irresponsible Use? Legislation

Stories about drones getting dangerously close to aircrafts or routinely violating no-fly zones is something that has been reported here on this site. Though we certainly promote a less regulated environment where drone technology and drone use can thrive, we also want to make the practice as safe as possible. As such, the intention of Sen. Charles Schumer to propose an amendment to legislation that...

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Drone Billionare Coming Soon News

Right now, there are only a few that can be called drone billionares. However, that might change in a few years with the growth of the drone industry becoming unstoppable. For those who aren’t in the know, the International Drone Expo or IDE and Drone Business conference is the gathering of global commercial drone interests right now. For their second run, they are announcing the...

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Past And Future Of Drone Technology Buying a Drone

When it comes to drone technology, what most people see are only the drones of today where the little machines with two or more propellers are zipping around the skies or the really big ones engaging in warfare. Not many know that the whole thing started in 1849 where airplanes were piloted remotely. Even with the innovations to the size, build and amenities of modern...

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Drone Racing About To Come True? Legislation / News

When it comes to drone use, you are only limited by your imagination. The potential applications for the technology is endless after all, from warfare to humanitarian goals. In between those however, are the hobbies that pop up using drones with drone racing being one of the more interesting aspects. After all, who doesn’t want to race with drones? Well, that will apparently be closer...

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Secret Flying Trials By Google And NASA? News

As we have amply covered on this website, the FAA has a propensity to restrict drone use so much that you can barely do anything anymore that involves the use of drones. For those who are only flying their drones as a hobby, the restrictions might be fewer, but the same can’t be said for companies who want to use their drones for commercial purposes....

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Drone Business And FAA Restrictions Buying a Drone / Legislation / News

When it comes to business and drones, there are a lot of things that you could do for one or the other. Tom Simmons is someone who realized this and is now doing well with his drone business after realizing that he couldn’t use it for taking real estate pictures. “I said, ‘OK, we’re going to go out and take some pictures of our real...

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